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Get your business on the road to success with Colographic Car Wraps



If you own or operate a small business, we understand how frustrating and daunting the task of marketing can be. Trying to stand out amongst your competitors in this ever-growing digital world can seem impossible. You’re looking for something simple, effective, and timeless. You’re looking for Colographic car wraps.



Colographic vehicle wraps give you the power to reinvent and reimagine your company vehicles like never before. Instead of merely transporting equipment and employees, your Colographic car wrap vehicle will transport ideas, exposure, and branding.


Car Wraps

Drive business success with Colographic vehicle wraps 

Businesses big and small can benefit from the widespread reach of Colographic vehicle wraps. Think about it like this: every road you travel, every city you cross, and every person you pass has the potential to see your business vehicle in transport. Why not take advantage of that?


Based on marketing research, vehicle wraps can increase brand awareness in impactful, effective, and proven ways. 


Here’s the bottom line: Your Colographic custom-made car wrap has the potential to leave an impression on 30,000 – 70,000 people. 


An impression increase of that size can have real and lasting effects. One of those 30,000+ impressions, one specific car could hold one specific person, becoming the big client that boosts business and allows for growth.


And best of all, these effective car wraps are low maintenance. And by low maintenance, we mean no maintenance. Once the one-of-a-kind vehicle wraps are securely placed, they’re not going anywhere! The only time you’ll find your car wraps peeling off your vehicle is the day you decide to have it removed, if that day ever comes. 


Interested to see what Colographic vehicle wraps can do for you? Give us a call today to clue us into your fleet size, graphics needs, and marketing goals, and we’ll provide an honest estimate, free of charge.

Colographic custom car wraps put you in the driver’s seat


What makes Colographic car wraps so one-of-a-kind is just that. Colographic car wraps can be custom designed and developed for your business. 


With our expert team of designers, developers, and installers, we’re well-equipped to bring your vision to life with ease and transparency. It’s your business, you call the shots. Bring us your ideas for your vehicle wraps branding, messaging, and overall tone, and we’ll develop a well-rounded design that perfectly encompasses your business. You have final say in the coloring, typography, wording, logos, you name it. We’re just here to make it all possible.


Our full-service design team has the experience and ingenuity to handle any requests, suggestions, or tasks that come our way. As your trustworthy team, we’ll keep you in-the-loop every step of the way—from concept and overall design, to specifications on sizing, coloring, and more.


The Colographic goal is to give a face to a name—your name. Discovering the perfect brand image for your business and vehicle wraps can seem like a daunting task, and we understand how vital this is to your livelihood. But you can rest easy knowing our team has tackled countless branding issues and problems, always finding every business’s unique voice with strategy, creativity, and confidence.

Quality-sourced materials meet expertly selected specialists


All of products are quality-sourced and top-of-the-line, using the most innovative and long-lasting materials on the market with every product. We utilize prime products engineer, 3M, with our car wraps, providing the best vinyl vehicle wraps in the industry.


Stormy clouds are no match for Colographic vehicle wraps. Our car wraps have the proven durability you can depend on, withstanding heavy rain, blinding blizzards, and even damaging hail storms. With 3M vinyl vehicle wraps on your side, you can feel confident that your car wraps will stick with you through it all. 


Colographic car wraps won’t fade away, staying bright and fresh for years to come. Your one-of-a-kind vehicle wraps design will maintain its glossy finish and eye-catching colors through years of wear and tear, providing a worthwhile investment that conveys professionalism and impact. That way, your standout business won’t fade away either, maintaining visibility and vibrance through every client call, emergency trip, and cross-country adventure. 

Seamless application for timeless impact

Car wraps have come a long ways since the days of hand-painting graphics onto company vehicles. Nowadays, intelligent design and cost-cutting measures have paved the way for specially designed vinyl wraps, made to be applied onto any vehicle.


These new-age vinyl vehicle wraps feature bubble-preventing air channels and industry-grade adhesive, providing secure attachment with lasting results.  And best of all, these superior benefits come without compromising the integrity of your car’s exterior coat and surfacing.


All of our Colographic car wraps installers are certified by the same company that delivers premier vinyl wrapping, 3M. What does this certification mean to you? Well, basically, it’s a direct service recommendation from the manufacturing company themselves, letting you know that Colographic is up to the task of applying these seamless solutions. Our experts are on-hand to ensure your car wraps are secure, your car is scratch-free, and your stress levels are reduced. These vehicle wraps certifications instill trust in you, the consumer, and 3M, the manufacturer, making sure that this vital process is done right every time.


Your one-of-a-kind car wraps are expertly applied with a little heat and a lot of skill. Our certified vehicle wrap installers use a heat gun or torch to evenly and seamlessly apply the new-age vinyl around your car, smoothing over every curve and edge.


Once applied, your Colographic vehicle wraps aren’t going anywhere unless you say so. These cutting-edge wraps are lift-resistant, staying put for years to come. If the day comes when you want your custom vehicle wrap removed, we can easily remove the wrap securely and safely, without causing damage, dents, or scrapes.

Colographic car wrap perks

ColographicCustom creations

Here at Colographic, we take pride in our work, which is why we’ve assembled a complete graphics department dedicated to your business’s custom branding. Our team will craft one-of-a-kind logos, graphics, and imagery based around your mission statement, company story, and unique selling proposition.

ColographicFirst-class conditions

All Colographic car wraps installations are conducted and supervised within the walls of our 12,600 square foot facility. Climate controlled bays enable our team to oversee every step of the installation and removal process, ensuring every project meets our standards and yours. 

ColographicPremium materials

Colographic produces custom car wraps using 3M vinyl, providing unrivaled dependability, versatility, and wearability over other vinyl manufacturers. This high-quality vinyl technology won’t peel, wear, or fade over time, giving you a lasting impression for all to see.


Expert installation

Each and every Colographic vehicle wrap is installed by a team with 3M certifications. This gives us an edge over others, with written proof that we’re up to the task from the manufacturers themselves. And since 3M is the top name in vinyl wraps, their approval speaks volumes.

ColographicWeather resistance

Custom Colographic car wraps are designed to stand up to severe storms, snow, wind, and temperature changes. No matter what conditions you’re fighting on the road, our car wraps are made to stand strong through it all, maintaining vibrance and impact.


Direct distribution

If your business stretches far and wide across the country, your custom car wraps can too. No matter where your company fleet is found, Colographic has you covered. We’ve developed a stress-free graphic distribution system that ships graphics, coordinates with local installers, and maintains branding consistency.

The Colographic Story

Colographic, Inc. is Colorado’s largest and most premier vehicle graphics specialists, innovating custom car wraps and improving business exposure since 1979. But, we didn’t get there overnight.


Our climate-controlled, expert-operated 12,600 square foot graphics facility got its start in a family garage in 1979. With nothing but a dream and some elbow grease, our family-owned business took flight the old-fashioned way: hard work, patience, and perseverance. Built on the pillars of client satisfaction, individualized attention, and passionate work, our business set out to do what others hadn’t: deliver lasting solutions that create lasting businesses. 


Today, we are a top name in vehicle graphics in Colorado. Designing, developing, and delivering custom car wraps and other marketing solutions is what we do, and we’re proud to do it.

The reviews are in

Check out how New Belgium Brewing Company expanded growth and improved business with Colographic solutions:

“We started working with Colographic two years ago. They have exceeded my expectations in customer service, product and execution. They now ship decals nationwide to every distributor. Three years ago, I took over vehicle graphics for our nationwide fleet. It was a pretty big project requiring consistent artwork to be installed elsewhere. There were four different designs and 14 formats for each. We wanted a vendor to be the middleman between our needs and the distribution end, providing printing, shipping, and working directly with the fulfillment team and distributors…a lot of management work. Of the 7-8 vendors who pitched, Colographic came through with flying colors. Their execution, quality, pricing and manpower gave us confidence. We never looked back. They do a great job.”
Carrie Weady | New Belgium Brewing Company, 2016

Certifiably excellent.

Colographic has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.


After 37 years of service, it’s hard to maintain such a distinction from the BBB. But through hard work, dedication, efficiency, and trust, we’ve been able to establish a standard that can’t be reached by our competitors year after year.


Colographic car wraps are a perfect illustration of this distinction. Unlike other companies, Colographic provides affordable prices for your business fleet, understanding that it’s about the people, not the profits.


Paired with our reasonable rates is our streamlined installation process. After being in the business for nearly 4 decades, we’ve developed efficient, yet focused production that gets you back on the road no time. 


How do we achieve this?


By choosing a skillful team of detail-oriented specialists, our team works like a well-oiled machine under the supervision of our expert installers. Colographic’s own Jimmy Burds and Joe Garihan are 3M Preferred Graphics Installers, meaning that they know graphics installation like the back of their hand. With them on our side, every project is tackled with efficiency, excellence, and individual attention. 


The driving force behind our success is our crucial emphasis on teamwork and collaboration. With our master installers to guide the team through every project, Colographic specialists have seen first-hand how collaboration makes all the difference. If one of our team members encounters a design obstacle they’ve never faced before, they look to their supportive peers for help. If a specialist needs a second opinion about graphic placement, they’ll ask the Colographic team. Even if a supervisor needs an extra hand on an installation, he won’t hesitate to ask a fellow specialist. This collaborative approach to every project is what has kept us ready for every challenge that comes our way. Instead of other companies that rely on a single specialist to get the job done, here at Colographic, we’re a package deal. 


If you want to meet the team that makes it all possible, check out our “Meet the Team” page to see every integral piece of the Colographic puzzle.

See Colographic collaboration at work


If you’re still not sold on the Colographic method, maybe it’ll help to see it for yourself. Check out our gallery of successful car wraps projects below to see all the difference Colographic can make.


And, if you ever have any questions regarding our business and what we can do for you, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our top priority is you, the client, first. Or, if you’re looking to get an estimate to set the wheels in motion on your new custom car wraps, call us to receive your free, no-obligations estimate from one of our experts.

Car Wraps