Decals - Colographic - Fleet Graphics
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Decals big enough to wrap fleet vehicles…


…Small enough to wrap around your finger.

Large-format vinyl vehicle wraps/decals and installation are our sweetspots. Since Colographic’s founding in 1979, we have specialized in large-format vehicle branding. Now, we’re leveraging that experience to develop impactful interior/exterior graphics and signage as well. Using premium 3M products and state-of-the-art printers, we transform blank backgrounds into works of art. One-of-a-kind, fleet quantities, and high-volume duplication all fit comfortably in our wheelhouse. Just ask…and we can deliver!


Installation comes standard.

Colographic can help develop/design the artwork to fit optimum large-format wrap/decal requirements on vehicles of any size and type, and will ensure professional, flawless installation across town or cross-country. And we go to great lengths to achieve success with meticulous checking and review of project specifications for every vehicle wrap challenge. The same holds true across the graphics board, right down to such specialized items as door decals, unit numbers, and permit numbers.


Expert advice also comes standard.

Especially on fleet vehicles, expertise borne out of nearly four decades of experience can add pizazz and value to vehicle wraps and decals—from adding reflective elements that boost safety and visibility to enhancing design for higher visibility.


Bring us in at any point.

Want help with branding and design for an entire corporate identity campaign? Our professional design team can get you from concept to completion on everything from a new logo and look to graphics installation on vehicles, development of interior/exterior signage, and creation of new interior décor.


Already have a great design that you want to develop and install inside, outside, for general branding, and/or on trucks and vehicles? Colographic will plug in where needed, provide recommendations as desired for the best installation, and assist anywhere else needed. Our job is to be part of a team that includes your people and ours working together seamlessly for the best possible outcome.


Formats large, small and in-between.

This includes printing small-format decals in quantity for just about any possible application. Want to create a promotional campaign using models of your fleet with complete branding scaled to size? (These can be a great relationship-builder with customers, employees and other stakeholders.) Want to have decals featuring your logo at the front desk for anyone to take with them? Looking to place decals throughout the workplace? We’re your one-stop shop for decal needs large and small.