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Drive business success with

Colographic custom fleet graphics


Colographic’s custom fleet graphics give your business the freedom to be seen in every corner of the country. As far as the roads take you, your standout fleet advertising will follow.


From full 3M van wraps and trailer wraps to subtle fleet graphics lettering, our design department and installation team can tackle it all. With national brands and local businesses in our fleet of clients, there isn’t a project or challenge we haven’t seen. At the end of the day, our goal isn’t just to create fleet graphics that move, but fleet graphics that move you.


Contact our expert team today to learn what Colographic can create for you. Call now to receive a free, no-obligation fleet advertising quote for your business. 

Your business’s road to success starts with a single step. 



Here at Colographic, we’re committed to delivering quality fleet graphics & van wraps that stay primed and polished through cross-country trips, severe storms, and unobstructed sunshine. To ensure we create custom fleet graphics that stand the test of time, we begin each new project with a systematic top-down approach.


After nearly 4 decades in the graphics business, we’ve developed this tried-and-true fleet graphics process to ensure maximum visibility, satisfaction, and effectiveness.


Keep reading to learn how our fleet graphics process breaks down. Or, give us a call for personalized, expert advice for your fleet advertising plans.


Phase 1: Strategy & selection


Every successful fleet advertising project must start on stable ground. For us, that means that we begin each project with a developed strategy & planned materials. 

Project constraints

Here, we work out the project parameters and framework,  determining the needs for your fleet graphics and how we can meet them. 


Your fleet graphics budget is often the deciding factor for your overall strategy. As a family company ourselves, we understand the financial constraints that can dictate business decisions, which is why we’re committed to delivering high-quality fleet graphics that are designed around your budget. Collaborating as a team on this project, we’re here to ensure our fleet advertising goes above expectations while staying under budget.


Fleet size & location

Your fleet’s size and location will determine the scope of the fleet graphics project, so it’s important we lock down those numbers at the onset. Our team has created fleet advertising for companies of all sizes, giving us the unique ability to provide authentic advice and recommendations for your project plans. Defining the fleet size and location will also help us define the schedule of the project, allowing us to give you an accurate timeline and completion date. 


Time frame

Understanding the project time frame you have in mind allows us to determine the level of complexity of the fleet graphics. For projects involving a larger fleet and more involved design, a longer time frame is typically necessary to maintain our consistency and quality standards. But if you’re looking for a quick project turnaround, our team is prepared to expedite the creation and installation process, ensuring you’re back on the road in no time. No matter what your time frame may be, we’re here to make your vision a reality. 


Campaign lifespan & removability

Before we get started on the design and development phase, we first must establish the lifespan of the fleet graphics campaign. Our full van wraps and trailer wraps have a typical lifespan of 7 years, giving you the power to create a lasting impression. But if you’re looking to evolve and change in a shorter time frame, we can create fleet graphics with a shorter lifespan, making for an easier removal process down the line. By setting the graphic lifespan, we can strategically select the best materials that will match that frame of time — from adhesives, to coloring, and beyond. That way, when you’re ready for a change, we’re ready to start fresh on a clean, blank slate.

Graphics placement

Determining the placement of your fleet graphics will determine the overall design, content, and layout of the final product. From subtle lettering to full trailer wraps and van wraps, Colographic can create a custom layout for spaces big and small. 

Lettering graphics

Fleet lettering is an option for your fleet graphics, which allow you to add a logo, company name, and contact information to your company vehicles while remaining subtle. This fleet advertising option is ideal for companies who are looking for a less involved layout with classic appeal. 


Spot graphics

Spot graphics, or partial van wraps/trailer wraps, are an intermediate fleet graphics solution that allow your brand to add creativity and freshness to your fleet vehicles without wrapping entirely around your vehicle. Spot graphics are a worthwhile compromise for those looking to make an impression without completely altering their vehicle’s exterior.


Full van & trailer wraps

Full van wraps or trailer wraps give your business the power to transform its fleet into an interactive and dynamic branding vessel. By choosing a complete 360º fleet graphic design, the possibilities of design are extended and enhanced. With a full van wrap or trailer wrap, we can focus on creating a bold and grandiose layout that utilizes your vehicle’s shape and silhouette. Instead of a simple decal that adds a splash of color to your vehicle, we reinvent and re-imagine your fleet vehicles as we know it. And with our protected 3M vinyl van wraps and trailer wraps on your fleet, your valued vehicles are protected from minor scratches and dents. 

Phase 2: Messaging & design 


Once we’ve established your fleet graphics strategy & schedule, we can move on to the fun stuff— collaborating with you on the messaging & design.


Often the most critical element of your fleet graphics is the message behind them. To pin down your messaging, here’s a few questions you can consider.

What do you want to convey to onlookers?


Brand awareness

Many Colographic clients embrace an overall branding perspective with their fleet graphics, allowing them to solely focus on brand image and personality.


Service offerings

Many businesses feature listed services in their fleet graphics, especially if their business is new to the area or less prominent in their market.


New products/services

Companies can also depend on Colographic fleet graphics to introduce a new product or service to the public, spreading the news across cities, counties, and states.




Who are you as a brand?


Brand tone

Identifying who you are as a brand is what truly drives us to create custom fleet graphics, and brand tone is a key element to that. Is your brand tone professional and serious? Or is it more playful and humorous? By identifying the tone, we can design fleet advertising that truly reflects who you are.


Location, location, location

For local and regional businesses, displaying your business location is key to driving customers to your business. And, featuring your location can stand out and resonate with local residents, fostering new customers and business growth.


The creative design and layout of your fleet graphics is what will catch someone’s eye, and hopefully, spark their interest. With our talented graphic design department on your side, we’ll create something truly original, while staying true to your brand.

Color palette

We’ll strategize the best color scheme that will pop on the road, using your existing logo and brand standards as a basis for our new design. Finding the perfect colors doesn’t just mean the best and brightest either — we’re looking for colors that will add a splash of brightness without fading quickly. And, we’ll ensure the color palette we define doesn’t just work on a digital screen, but that the colors translate well with our printing processes. 



The Colographic design department has evolved and enhanced fleet graphics designs for nearly 40 years. No matter what your fleet graphics size and schedule may be, our design team will develop a fully realized layout that makes the most out of your space and time. From compact fleet lettering to full trailer wraps and van wraps, our design department alway finds a way to create fleet graphics that remain creative, clear, and compelling. Our mission is to challenge the creative possibilities without straying from the project goal. 



We don’t create our designs as static ideas on paper — we envision them as dynamic concepts cruising down the highway. Because of this constant motion, the world of fleet advertising challenges us to remain creative and imaginative while staying relatively simple. Finding this perfect balance is what we pride ourselves on as a company. We utilize our time-tested design tactics to impress and intrigue without muddying up the message, focusing on big and bold graphics, short and simple text, & creative and clean layouts.

Phase 3: Production & installation


Now that the design and messaging is locked in and approved, your fleet graphics can finally come to life at our production center and installation facility. 

Printing & preparation

Here, we send off the final fleet graphics design to our production printers, make any necessary cuts, and prepare it for expert 3M installation. 

Vivid printing processes

Our production center is home to our wide-format printers, which give us the power to print your fleet graphics on high-quality 3M vinyl in a spectrum of rich hues and shades. Using this invaluable tool, we can print your custom fleet graphics to their exact specifications in minutes. 


Unrivaled precision

Using a plethora of additional graphics tools including plotters, slicers, and laminators, your fleet graphics go through a rigorous examination and precision check to determine if they’re ready for application. Here, we add the finishing touches and prepare your graphics for the installation process.

Application & finishing touches

Last, but never least, our 3M Preferred Installers take a final inspection of your new fleet graphics before they expertly apply them to your fleet vehicles.

Dedicated application station

Our application station ensures the perfect shape, cuts, and protection standards are met for your new fleet graphics. Here’s where the final inspection of the graphics takes place to verify that our expert installers are ready for application.


3M preferred installation

Our 3M Preferred Installers carefully and expertly apply your custom fleet graphics to your company vehicles. After decades of experience, our team has developed an unwavering application process that ensures secure adhesion, smooth wrapping, and full protection. 


What is a 3M Preferred Installer?


With our 3M Preferred Installers on staff to oversee your project from its early stages to application, your fleet graphics are produced and applied with extensive skill and true passion. With this distinction, our team has the recommendation and support of the company that creates the vinyl van wraps we install. As a 3M preferred installer, our team members must meet the following rigorous requirements: 

        • Carry liability insurance (verified by 3M once per year with current employer).
        • Pass a strict hands-on test and written examination at the 3M Company’s St Paul, MN test facility or at one of several 3M-authorized test facilities. The test includes graphics applied to surfaces such as: floors, walls, textured walls, trailers, and vans/autos.


Final review & approval

Once our expert 3M Preferred Installers add the finishing touches to your fleet graphics, you can take a final look and give us any feedback before you hit the road.

Let’s get this show on the road.

Now that you’ve learned how we will bring your business’s fleet graphics to life, it’s time we made that a reality. Give our expert team a call to learn more about our materials, pricing, and production process. Receive a free, no-obligation quote today for your custom fleet graphics.

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