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Create a Different World with Interior Signage & Indoor Graphics


Colographic can custom design and create indoor graphics and signage true to your brand. Our indoor graphics and signage are proven carriers for marketing messages, branding goals, and simply display valuable information for customers in plain sight.


Indoor signage and graphics are the easiest yet effective marketing and advertising efforts you as a business can do. With beautiful compositions installed on walls, floors, and glass structures, your once basic space will create impressions throughout a customer’s experience.


Besides, who wouldn’t want their space dressed in customized graphics turning your building components into marketing tools and money-making machines? And when you choose Colographic for your customized creations, you have the best and highest quality options in the Front Range.


We offer vinyl, plastic, and metal creations, and that’s just naming a few! The indoor graphics and signage are made with modern design elements, customization, and quality materials. We also offer safe graphic installation and removal services.


Wayfinding Signs


Don’t rely on poorly printed materials or the boring signs everyone has to help navigate your customers around your place of business. Wayfinding signs may be the most overlooked component to indoor graphics and signage. These helpful, customer-driven devices can be customized to the most creative forms possible.


Wall Graphics & Signage


Turn heads with interior wall graphics! From floor to ceiling or simple wall accents, Colographic’s wall graphic custom creations are beautiful, highly detailed, and highly noticeable. Your customers will be drawn in with the quality work we provide. Colographic vinyl wall graphics are easily installed and will remain secured until removal, which is a safe process.


Floor Graphics


You can incorporate floor graphics into any room for a variety of purposes: entertainment, decoration, wayfinding, labeling or branding. Colographic uses high quality vinyl that will resist wear and tear and will be installed securely on any floor surface.


Glass Graphics


Glass graphics create a strong visual component to any brand when walking into a room or even walking past a display window. Glass graphics look amazing and work alongside your branding efforts. Through glass graphics you can accomplish a lot. Use glass graphics in lobbies or store front windows to draw in customers.


Call us today at 303-288-4796 for a free estimate and to learn more about Colographic’s indoor graphics and signage!

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