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Looking for stickers big enough to wrap a vehicle?


Or small enough to fit on a model car?


What you may call stickers, we generally refer to as decals. Whatever they’re called, creating everything from single large-format wraps graphics to large quantities of small-format products is Colographic’s sweetspot—and has been since 1979. To learn more about Colographic’s decal design, production, duplication and installation services, click here.


Stickers vs. Decals—what’s the difference?


Depending on your point of view—and what you need—maybe nothing. But since the terms get used interchangeably, we set out to find an answer. gave us one (kind of), noting, Let’s go to the New Oxford Dictionary and try to break it down … sticker … an adhesive label or notice, generally printed or illustrated … decal … a design prepared on special paper for transfer onto another surface such as glass, porcelain , or metal… decals are more associated with a transfer from one medium to another … Decals are a type of sticker, however, so you’ll hear and see the term vinyl cut stickers as well.

While the two terms are used interchangeably by many, you may want to consider this differentiation:

  • Stickers refer generally to items with adhesive backing that are peeled off and placed somewhere such as a bumper sticker.
  • Decals typically tie to a transfer process that involves precision placement and intricate installation to create a professional look such as a vehicle wrap.
  • According to the article, technically a decal is a form of sticker.

Sticker savvy since 1979.

So, here’s the bottom line: It doesn’t matter what you call them. It’s what you can do with them. At Colographic, we can do it—whatever “it” means to you. If you want to print thousands of small stickers to give everybody you meet (think business card), we’re there for you. If you want to wrap a semi-truck from stem to stern with huge stickers, we’re there for you. And have been since 1979, when Colographic launched a vehicle branding business from a small garage—and ultimately expanded into vinyl vehicle wrapping.