Are you going through a brand change? Have you thought about your commercial fleet graphics

Some companies change their fleet graphics because of a merger or buyout. Others just want to freshen up their brand or want to send a new message. Companies like Virgin Airlines change theirs regularly.

Things to Consider About Fleet Graphics and Fleet Graphics Installation When Your Brand Changes

When updating branding and marketing materials, commercial fleet graphics are not always the first thing to come to mind! If your business is updating their aesthetic, you do not want to forget to update the wraps and graphics on your businesses vehicles and machinery

Depending on how many vehicles you have, the change out of your commercial fleet graphics can be complex. When your business relies on its vehicles, you don’t want them to spend more time at the fleet graphics installation shop than necessary. 

Involve Fleet Graphics Company at The Beginning of a Brand Change

At Colographic, we always recommend that you reach out to, and involve, a fleet graphics company as soon as you become aware of a branding change. Because of their experience in commercial fleet graphics, your vendor will be able to give your designer input that could save a lot of money. Sometimes the smallest adjustments to design can give great savings on material use and fleet graphics installation time. 


It is important to consider if your fleet graphics company has an indoor facility for installation. If not, the time of year and weather can play a significant role in a successful fleet graphics installation. Your fleet graphics shop will need time to make final print files and printing time before installation. Depending on how long the previous decals have been on, removal could make the shop time unpredictable. If you know that your decals will be changed in the next five years, be sure to use a quality vinyl that is made to be removed during that time. We prefer 3M IJ-180.

You can launch a new logo on all of your paper printed items and all virtual market on the same day to make a splash. With vehicles, it will take longer so work with your fleet graphics company to trade out the vehicles as quickly as they get them done. Signs have a longer turn around time usually so get that process moving early in the brand change.

Extra Tips

If you are not getting a “one size fits all” graphic, find a fleet graphics company that doesn’t want you order all the decals up front. There will always be extras, some will get damaged and someone will always pull a decal out of a kit. When that happens, it is usually discovered at the time of install when the vehicle is waiting to get back to work. At Colographic, we are able to do the fleet as it comes to us if the equipment comes in various sizes and shapes.

If you are wanting to change up your look to stand out from your competition and let your clients know that you are always progressing just remember to call in your vendors early, set a schedule and work with fleet graphics company that is committed to your success!