Fleet Graphic Installation & Removal

Installation & Removal of Fleet and Vehicle Graphics

Installation and removal of a large-format fleet and vehicle graphics can be quite the challenge, much more so than might appear at first glance. Many factors influence when, where and how to install as well as remove fleet graphics & wraps—including substrate material, temperature, type of surface (e.g. smooth versus riveted), intricacy/complexity of design, type of adhesive, graphics material(s), colors (some are more forgiving than others), number/size of vehicles, VIN numbers of each vehicle to confirm exact specs, and timeframe to make it all happen.

At Colographic, we will ask all of these questions well before the installation/removal occurs—so that we can make the best recommendations for your vehicles.

For example, if we’re doing a fleet of trucks spanning locations nationwide during the winter in a variety of climates, temperature control may be crucial. This can influence the choice of installation facilities in colder climates, such as the fully temperature-controlled environment at our plant.

The choice of adhesive can be extremely important. Fleet vehicles that need semi-annual changes due to wear, branding or other considerations carry different adhesive recommendations versus longer-term use of the same graphics.

We also handle installation and removal of signage, large-format interior and exterior graphics, booth displays, and the like.

By doing our homework up front, we’re able to save customers time, money and stress.

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