There are many variables to assess in order to determine if a vehicle wrap needs to be repaired or redone entirely, and the best solution for one customer may not be the best solution for another. If your vinyl decals on your car begin to fail, do not attempt to fix the problem yourself! To ensure your vehicle wrap is of the highest quality, contact your vehicle graphic professionals before it gets worse.  

Why do vehicle wraps fail?

When adhesive weakens, or the corners of a graphic start to peel up, it can sometimes be saved through heat and adhesive primer. A lot of variables can cause a graphic to need repairs/replacement, but it is often because proper heat was not applied upon the first install, or there was something under the graphic. However, another problem is that the graphics are too old and become faded, brittle and cracked. At that point, it is recommended to replace the graphics entirely. 

How to repair a vinyl wrap that has suffered significant damage (scratches, gouges, vehicle was wrecked):

We recommend replacing that portion of the vehicle wrap, for example a complete door or fender. Covering only the damaged spot and leaving the old vinyl panel around it looks unprofessional, and we will generally not encourage that. Our designers will reference your original art file, and color match the patch to the rest of the wrap in order to create the most seamless repair possible. This is a good decision for customers looking to spend a little less money to preserve their branding, rather than redo an entire vehicle wrap.  

A vehicle wrap repair is only effective if the other vinyl on the vehicle is within its life expectancy. If the integrity of the vinyl on the vehicle is compromised, we recommend redoing the entire wrap. Our printed vinyl has a projected lifespan of 5 -7 years for vertical surfaces. Also, the warranty is significantly less on the hood and roof because the UV rays are so much more intense. Just like anything with vehicles, the longevity of fleet wraps and decals varies based on how well it is taken care of.

View our blog post on proper care and washing of wrapped vehicles, and our decal guide on our website for tips on how to increase your wrap’s longevity. Easy signs to tell that your wrap needs to be redone is if the colors are fading, the laminate is separating from the vinyl, or cracks are beginning to form. 

At Colographic, we are passionate about bolstering and protecting your brand, and we know that failing fleet graphics reflect negatively on a company’s image. Don’t wait until you can’t anymore! If you need a vehicle wrap repair, contact us for a quote