Principal Brian Dudzinski wins scholarship to participate in Sign Research Foundation conference

Lakewood-based RiNo Sign Works is helping influence signage standards across the country. At the recent 2017 National Sign Research & Education Conference (NSREC), Brian Dudzinski, partner/lead designer of RiNo Sign Works contributed to discussion around such issues as best practices for zoning and signage standards across the country.

“There is a shift in thinking about zoning codes, which have traditionally been about districts and locations versus the form and type of individual building,” notes Brian. “We are advocating changing their rules to be more about your specific building instead of its location. We’re referring to it as ‘location versus form type zoning’.”

Brian was one of 35 International Sign Association scholarship recipients. The conference was billed as “our largest and most diverse conference with 168 registrants of varying professions and perspectives.” Attendees included architects, urban planners, developers, code officials, business owners, and designers with the intent, “to create more navigable cities, thriving businesses, and strong urban identities…The Sign Research Foundation empowers communities by supplying academic research on vibrant and effective sign strategies, systems, and codes.”

Notes Brian, “I’m really impressed with the signage industry. They offered the scholarship around interest in the big picture of signage, not just around design.”

Up-and-coming technologies are impacting the entire signage arena. For example, futurist speaker Alexandra Whittington gave a keynote entitled, “Future of Cities – Navigating the Streets of Tomorrow, How will people live, work, and play in the future city?”

Commenting on her presentation, Brian points out that self-driving cars can eliminate the need for windows, also eliminating the need for billboards. And, it may not be too long before signage and other visuals will be able to convey images curated to individual retinas based on certain criteria. “You get one image, the guy next to you sees an entirely different image. This shift is right around the corner,” he adds.

Brian says the conference resulted in connections with planners all around the country, including a Pittsburgh planner who wants to consult with him on issues moving forward.

Congratulations to Brian for his efforts to improve the signage experience for everyone!