Create corporate goodness, grace…and profits using 5 time-honored best practices

Basics of running profitable and well-loved companies are the same as they were hundreds of years ago—be honest, be likeable, treasure your stakeholders, use common sense, and charge fairly.


Be honest. This is where many companies today go south. They trumpet their greatness over traditional and social media, then get shown up for their hypocrisy when caught treating customers and/or employees poorly. Keep it simple. Just be honest from the start. When you screw up, own up. When you don’t know, find out. And when you make a commitment, honor it. Period.

Be likeable. Many mega-corporations are trying to “instill” likeability with a variety of customer support policies and procedures designed to convey caring. Many of them are garbage, providing a thin veneer of affability that barely covers the insincerity. Want to know how to be likeable? Check out the people at Costco. They bust their butts to keep customers, employees, and other stakeholders happy. No fake happy faces. “Nice” is built into their culture.

Treasure your stakeholders. See “Costco” above.

Use common sense. Right-minded thinking doesn’t fall inside the box. Sometimes, it takes right-minded people who understand, in plain terms, the “best” approach regardless of the regs or policies. Yes, United Airlines, I’m talking about you. Unlike the “old” days, lack of common sense can suddenly get magnified on the social media stage. Next thing you know, your stock is sliding and your reputation is reeling. It all can be so easily avoided with an ounce of common sense.

Charge fairly. Oscar Wilde once said that a cynic was a person who knew the price of everything and the value of nothing. True dat. Charging fairly isn’t just about the lowest price; it’s the best value for the price paid. Amazon does a splendid job, providing convenience, dependable service, strong customer support, and good prices in one practically unbeatable package. Many brick-and-mortar big box stores haven’t gotten the memo. Is it any surprise they’re virtually deserted most of the time?

Have a Successful Day,

Jimmy Burds