What does the term “interior graphics” mean? To some, it connotes artwork. To others, it’s the decorating scheme inside a business or home. Still others will think of branded pieces, such as a large 3D depiction of a company logo prominently displayed in the office.

To us, interior graphics can encompass all of the above—and just about anything else your imagination can create. Today’s highly advanced computer design programs, state of the art imaging equipment, and CNC Multi-cam production machines make just about anything possible.

Here’s the rub: Getting from imagination to hard dollars and cents can feel daunting. What’s beautiful, provocative and awe-inspiring also must be expensive…so the logic goes.

It’s time for another view. Using common sense and some uncommon out-of-the-box thinking, it’s possible to create incredible interior graphics that look like a million, without costing an arm and a leg.

For example, consider adding a colorful visual dimension to the entire workplace with full-door-sized prints depicting anything you can imagine. These are fun, attention-getting and, yes, affordable. They spruce up the office, add energy and can be particularly appropriate to counter seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and other maladies that pop up when sunlight winds down this time of year. [PHOTO OF ADORNED DOORS AT COLOGRAPHIC]

But, don’t limit these graphics to the doors and walls. Create ceiling graphics that inspire and infuse energy into the workplace. Find ways to use floors, too, to spice up and spruce up otherwise ho-hum office and industrial settings.

Or, how about something thirst-quenching? Using a creative combination of digital design, imaging and production, create unusual product displays to adorn any interior from an office to a trade show booth. [PHOTO OF 3D DISPLAY IN FRONT OFFICE]

How about conceptualizing a mural that could turn an everyday setting into an intriguing series of graphics? This could depict a company’s timeline, detail major industry advances, show workforce standouts, feature customers…possibilities, once again, are limited only by the imagination.

Want to showcase your logo in the office and on the road at trade shows and the like? With a bit of pre-planning, multiple images can be developed as three-dimensional “sculptures.”

And don’t forget the possibility of one-of-a-kind furniture as part of the overall design. [PHOTO OF CHAIR] Yes, furniture. It’s possible to create thought-provoking items that don’t provoke your budget into overdrive.

In addition to a wide array of possibilities, interior graphics can be repurposed, revised, and renovated as desired to meet other needs and/or reflect updating—such as a new logo and corresponding corporate materials. This can really extend your bang for the buck, and stimulate ideas near-term and down the road.