Our own Jimmy Burds recently won the first quarterly “Community Leadership & Contributor Award 2017” at the Commerce City Business & Professional Association (CCBPA). While the award says it is “Presented to Jimmy Burds of Colographic in grateful appreciation for your dedication to the Commerce City community,” the nominator tells the rest of the story: “Jimmy is a great community-minded guy who donates or provides deep discounts to a variety of community organizations. More than just a profit-based company, Jimmy gives back whenever he can. He fosters a strong work ethic, a family environment, passionate customer service and quality products. He works directly with the customers communicating throughout the whole process to make sure they are happy with the final product. His work is often one-of-a-kind and, when you see it, it pops! From a small family business started in his garage where he did the work by hand, he has helped the company grow into [a] modern computer-backed facility housed in a 12,600 square-ft building on three acres in CC.”

The previously annual Award will now be given out quarterly by CCBPA in recognition of the accomplishments of founder Shirley Leeper, who helped launch the organization 41 years ago.

Notes President Kristi Douglas, “We’re more than a Chamber of Commerce. We’ve revamped the organization to meet the needs of people today and to provide special recognition of premier business contributors. Instead of trying to get members to fit into our mold, we’re fitting ourselves to their needs and wants.”