If you ever used one, you know that comparing it to today’s computers is an apples-and-oranges exercise. Make a mistake on a typewriter, and you had to white it out or strike over it. Besides being time-consuming and distracting, it was a royal pain.

Then the computer age started. Mistakes can be whisked away with a keystroke. Editing can be accomplished quickly and efficiently. Results can be easily saved, stored or discarded.

With much the same perspective, I looked at today’s cutting-edge remodeling tools and technologies in light of traditional construction. While traditional methods still are called for in many applications, there is an increasing use of durable lightweight materials that are much lighter on the pocketbook and much more tuned into short turnaround times.

You are cordially invited to our thank you open house to check out some of the latest and greatest remodeling and renovating options for your offices (and even your homes). We just remodeled two of our bathrooms for way less than typical going rates, and redid our front office area to showcase faux stone, brick and wood products, large three-dimensional graphics, window treatments and coverings, and signage designed to brand as well as direct or identify.

These techniques also have been used to “etch” logos and branding into glass – only there is no etching, just high-quality decals that make it almost impossible for the untrained eye to tell the difference. But the differences are there, all right, in the price tag. And, unlike etched glass that requires a lot of labor to change, these attractive graphics can be removed and replaced as circumstances dictate.

It’s nice to remodel without everything having to be “etched in stone.” These new options give you the chance to enhance your surroundings on a budget, then change again when you want—unencumbered by an indelible hole etched into your pocketbook.