At Colographic, we live and do our jobs with the knowledge that everything we do makes a ripple from our internal community all the way out into the world. So we always strive to do the right thing regardless of the impact on our bottom line.

Ahead of all else is the safety of our team and everyone we work with. For this reason, we are keeping as many of our team members working from home as we can. Our phones will be answered through our normal business hours. And our sales representatives will still be able to get quotes and order products for you. These will be fulfilled when the shelter in place order is lifted and it is safe to return to work.

If you are an essential business that needs your name and permit numbers to be compliant with the DOT, a hospital that needs wayfinding signs for changing logistics, or any other type of business that is working to get us through this crisis, our team would be more than happy to assist you.

I hope you all remain safe and that your families are healthy and enjoying your extra time together.

Thank you for being a Colographic customer and we look forward to getting back to work with you.

– Jimmy Burds

Owner / Chief Financial Officer


P.S. I want to leave you with a quote from Kazuo Inamori, the CEO of Kyocera.

“The criteria of determining the right thing to do involves a basic set of ethics and morals based on the conscience that all humans innately possess. The simple, primitive teachings that we naturally abide by as human beings are the same teachings we all learned from our parents and teachers: “Don’t be greedy,” “Don’t deceive others,” “Don’t tell lies,” and “Be honest.”

“Our daily judgments and behaviors must be based on these teachings of what is universally right as human beings and not on what is most personally expedient.”